23 Sep


Why gaining trust is so important when making a sale

The sales process is all about the sales person’s ability to build trust with the customer or client. It is a subtle part of the sales process and exuding trust isn’t always as simple as implementing a few learnt strategies. Building trust into the ultimate sales relationship has more to do with matters of the heart than with the mind.

To explain this point further, you have probably experienced a non-emotional and robotic sales person. A robotic sale is often referred to as process selling. It is a type of selling that is driven by the company’s need to sell goods and services quickly, maintain their market share and make bigger and bigger yearly profits in order to satisfy the shareholders and stakeholders.

In a climate of mass produced goods, process selling has become accepted and the normal way to sell goods. Whist buyers are educating themselves and taking the time to carry out extensive research of the product before purchasing it, the sales person has often got left behind and become complacent about developing new sales strategies.

Research, social media endorsements or even trusted advice from a friend have all impacted the current sales process over recent years. It often means that the robotic sales person may not even be critical, relevant or pivotal to the transaction itself. However, when the sales person is vital to the transaction taking place a robotic sales person is often perceived by the potential customer as being rude, uninterested, uneducated, mis-informed or even untrained in the necessary product, approach or market requirements.


Process selling drives sales in the shortest possible timeframe but it has a down side too. It means that the customer is often ignored or treated as a number rather than as a person. It has lead many customers feeling that profit comes before people. In this sales climate, the customer tends to feel that the sale and if possible the up-sell too is of utmost importance and that they just don’t matter.

Relationship selling, however, involves connecting with the potential customer or client and showing this person a degree of respect, care and empathy. It is a type of selling that is in stark contrast to process selling and it has a lasting impact on its customers. The service during the sales process tends to be remembered long after the actual sale itself.


Building a relationship with your potential customer or client is not by any means a new phenomenon. However, the extensive research around the ‘science of selling’ has lead to groundbreaking strategies which help to reduce the amount of time it takes to break down the potential customer or client’s barriers to selling.

Process selling has allowed customers or clients to build up layer upon layer of resistance or barriers to selling. Why is this? In truth, they have become tired of being told what they need and having their own needs, wants and desires ignored during the sales process. They want a sales person to care about them, their business and their company’s performance. They are bored certified of leading questions, idle chit-chat or lip service until the sales person can find the ‘air time’ to launch into the prepared sales pitch.

They want someone to genuinely show understanding, empathy and build up trust with them thereby resulting in meaningful conversations about their issues, struggles or concerns within the business. In short, a sales person who wants to solve their business problem as much as they do.


Building relationships with clients is about the sales person gaining greater self -awareness and acknowledging his/her thoughts, feelings and emotions during the sales process. It is a rewarding journey of self-discovery and it is not as hard to do as it may sound. It is a process that involves helping the sales person see the sales process through the eyes of the potential customer or client and this in itself helps to develop the connection that is needed in order for any sales to take place.


Making sure that you are adopting the latest sales approach techniques is a sure way to improve your ability to connect with your potential customer or client and improve your overall sales results. It often only takes a bit of sales training in the science of selling in order to understand and perfect techniques that will boost your sales approach confidence, and sales performance. If you feel that you would benefit from some personal input, sales training or further information please fill in the contact form on this page.