27 Sep

The Benefits of Having a Good CRM System in Sales

Why Salespeople Can’t Be Good If They Don’t Use the CRM

The Sales world is desperate for an upgrade. We’ve been holding on to way too many outmoded approaches, ideas, tropes, and concepts. It’s time sales let’s go of the tired and ineffective belief systems if we’re going to truly deliver the value we say we want to in the 21st-century. The biggest miss and most unsettling issue facing sales today is their brutal and debilitating contradicting view of what’s most important to sales AND the value of the CRM.   Yes, I said the CRM.  Stay with me, it will all make sense when I’m done here. I took a poll on LinkedIn and asked if a salesperson could be good if they didn’t use the CRM. Here are the results:

Source: feedproxy.google.com/~r/ASalesGuy/~3/Z0DGnBEuMEg/

In spite of what salespeople have convinced themselves of, few salespeople are doing an effective and thorough discovery. They are not digging deep enough. They are not doing a proper diagnosis of the buyer’s current situation. They aren’t getting a solid understanding of the problems, impacts, and root causes the buyer is struggling with. They are not uncovering where the buyers want to go. They can’t quantify the gap and that’s why they don’t believe they don’t need a CRM to be successful. Even though they don’t realize it, salespeople unconsciously don’t see value in the information they get in the discovery. Therefore, they don’t feel any need to document it in a fashion that makes it easy to retrieve and easy to leverage as the sale progresses.